Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Events

AppSecCon 2023 | June 28-29 | Virtual

Explore software security's top challenges, best practices, and case studies with trusted leaders. Engage in dialogue and workshops to help you on your Journey to AppSec Maturity.

Join distinguished Community members and guests for a global virtual event illuminating key issues at the forefront of software security—and how to solve them.

July 11

Cloud Native Now 2023 | July 11 | Virtual

Welcome to the new era of cloud native!

Cloud native has already emerged as the dominant architecture for new and modernized applications. We’ve seen a massive adoption of containers, microservices and Kubernetes in recent years and we’ll undoubtedly see even more in 2023. Now is the time to look beyond Kubernetes, focus on the next generation of cloud-native tools and infrastructure and explore ways to reduce complexity, optimize costs and improve enterprise readiness to build mission-critical cloud-native applications.

As part of the cloud-native evolution, lighter-weight variations of Kubernetes are going mainstream, forward-thinking organizations are leveraging AI to build smart applications and new use cases are pushing cloud-native technologies to the edge to drive innovation. We’re also starting to see more investment into cloud security and observability-driven design and integrating OpenTelemetry within applications that provide input to operations and security.

At Cloud Native Now, we’ll explore the various facets of cloud native that are essential for a successful digital transformation and enterprise modernization.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Cloud native at the edge
  • Cloud native and AIOps
  • Cloud-native security and API protection
  • OpenTelemetry and cloud-native observability
  • Latest Kubernetes trends
  • Top cloud-native technologies to watch in 2023

August 16

DataOps Day  | August 16 | Virtual

It’s All About the Data! 

Data is the crown jewels of an organization. It empowers companies to make informed business decisions, improve operations, reduce costs and increase revenue. Organizations are increasingly adopting DataOps to get full visibility and control of their data pipeline, boost efficiency and quality of data, fuel digital transformation initiatives and maximize business value.

At DataOps Day, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of data and DataOps. Join us to hear from data and business leaders who have adopted DataOps to achieve their goals for quality, security and speed.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How to implement and execute a successful DataOps strategy
  • How to turn data into actionable insights
  • How to incorporate data observability into your DataOps strategy
  • How to ensure data integrity and security during cloud migration
  • How to simplify deployment and management of data-intensive cloud applications
  • How to use AI to automate the data management life cycle and drive faster and more consistent results
  • The difference between DataOps and DevOps
  • Key data quality metrics you should be tracking
  • Data governance policies and standards you should establish to keep your business data secure

And more!

Key topics to be discussed

  • DataOps
  • Data management
  • DataOps vs. DevOps
  • Data governance and security
  • AI-driven DataOps
  • Data observability
  • Data storage


September 13

Digital CxO Summit

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, digital readiness has become a fundamental imperative for business success.

Join us at the Digital CxO Summit to better understand how to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning and data analytics to accelerate digital transformation, boost business growth and be at the forefront of driving exceptional customer experiences.

Industry leaders will share valuable insights—gained from their own digital transformation journeys—and tips on how to become a future-ready technology business that sustains long-term growth. They’ll address common challenges that C-suite executives face in driving digital initiatives and provide practical strategies to overcome them.

At the Digital CxO Summit, you’ll learn about:

  •  How to harness the power of digital disruption to foster innovation
  • How to build a robust digital strategy aligned with business objectives
  • How generative AI is revolutionizing customer experience
  • The impact of machine learning on business processes
  • Why hyperautomation is required to achieve digital business transformation
  • The different stages of the digital transformation maturity model
  • Key metrics and KPIs to track the progress and success of digital transformation initiatives

And more!

DevOps Experience 2023

Coming soon!

Cyber Event

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Low Code/No Code

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