Whether you are diving into DevOps for the first time or trying to do it right this time, DevOps Onramp provides all the information you need for a successful DevOps journey.

Wherever software goes, DevOps follows and it’s become the standard of software development methodologies. As organizations face increasing pressure to adapt faster and become more agile, getting DevOps right and adopting a DevOps mindset is crucial to deliver high-quality software faster and increase business value. And that opens up great opportunities for anyone looking to start a new career or pivot from an existing role in technology.

At DevOps Onramp, you’ll find everything you need to get started with DevOps—best practices, processes and tools and tips and tricks from experienced practitioners sharing their real-world experiences. We’ll go through the basics of DevOps, how to get started, how to choose the right technologies, common challenges and the benefits of DevOps. The rush has started—don’t be left behind!

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