10:30 AM - 11:00 AM (PST)
Operating Safe, Secure & Reliable Systems with Security Chaos Engineering

Complex adaptive systems are dynamic, self-evolving, non-linear, emergent, and most of all unpredictable. Delivering secure and reliable software will continue to become exponentially more difficult unless we start approaching this new problem frontier differently. Security Chaos Engineering (SCE) is an emerging discipline being used to proactively build confidence in the security of complex systems through continuous security experimentation. This novel approach has proven to help organizations derive a more realistic understanding of their security practices and as a result, reduce the likelihood of security blind spots resulting in an erosion of trust and system safety. In this session, Aaron Rinehart, the pioneer behind Security Chaos Engineering and O’Reilly Co-Author on the topic will share his experience and how you can begin practicing Security focused Chaos Engineering to build trust and confidence, proactively identifying and navigating security unknowns.

First 500 attendees of this session will receive a copy of the book "Security Chaos Engineering" by Aaron Rinehart and Kelly Shortridge (learn more here)