12:30 PM - 1:00 PM (PST)
Using Vulnerabilities in Your Codebase to Drive Security Education in Your Organization

Let’s face it: organizations are developing at the speed of light. To keep up with the large demand organizations are using common security tools such as DAST, and SAST. While these tools are lovely, as they find vulnerabilities, they also produce a lot of useful information that without careful analysis can be lost. Wouldn’t it be nice to use this information to drive your security education at your organization? In this presentation some of the topics that will be explored are – creating the metrics to begin a security education program, finding the right security education to mitigate the continuous pesky vulnerabilities, and strengthening a security education program with the help of security champions and evangelists. By the end of this presentation the participant will have an action plan to take back to their company on finding better ways to start or improve the security education at their organization.