2:00 PM - 2:20 PM (PST)
New Way of Envisioning Security in the Dependencies

Modernisation the applications is the need of the hour. However, we still see the vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Sensitive data exposure, and much more that keep creeping in. When the loopholes in applications (such as legacy, desktop, web, mobile, micro services) are exploited, it can give threat actors visibility and access to the organisation’s data. As per one of the research 96.8% code on the internet is OpenSource. When Open Source is eating up the whole internet. It becomes imperative to know the aspects of the open source’s usage, if the open source libraries are not used properly or updated on time, open source can make the applications severely vulnerable. With the talk, we will find the hidden threats with open source projects and will try and see how we can find them before someone else finds them.