Empowering AI Governance and Regulation Through Future Skills
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, staying abreast of AI's evolving regulatory and ethical landscape is crucial. This session invites a conversation on how individuals, organizations and societies can empower themselves through continuous learning and upskilling to navigate the intricate waters of AI governance and regulation successfully.

Moreover, this session underscores the interconnectedness of AI governance and regulation. Effective governance often requires a deep understanding of AI technologies and their ethical implications, and regulations must be crafted with this understanding in mind. This session will emphasizes the pivotal role of education and skill development in promoting a more informed, equitable, and effective approach to AI governance and regulation.

Here are three key takeaways for attendees of this session:

  1. Continuous learning and product security mastery: Attendees will develop practical skills for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in AI-driven products, upskilling in the latest security best practices to proactively safeguard against threats and breaches.
  2. Effective collaboration across disciplines: Attendees will learn how to collaborate with security experts, legal professionals and AI specialists to create robust product security measures that are compliant with evolving regulatory standards.
  3. Legal compliance and ethical security practices: Attendees will stay informed about legal developments related to product security and AI, ensuring they comply with relevant regulations. Moreover, they will be well-versed in ethical considerations, applying ethical principles to their security practices.
Dheeraj Nayal