Alex Honor
Founder, CEO
Rundeck, Inc

Leader and technologist with broad experience in all aspects of project leadership, development and operations of online software systems. Practitioner and evangelist of lean-based management methodology focussing on reducing product development and delivery cycle time and reduction of waste while maintaining quality.

Developer of proprietary as well as open source software projects - tools, frameworks, and end-user applications - for streamlining application life cycle IT processes.

Direct experience in large scale financial, government, enterprise and social online application environments.

Define strategy and design supporting migration from traditional datacenter to virtual and cloud based infrastructures.

Contribute to the development and application of next generation tools.

Distributed multi-agent systems, knowledge representation/acquisition tools.

Accounting, finance, human resources, IT, applications, facilities, strategy, contracts, CRM. Quickooks Online, Salesforce

Specialties: Skills: Product development and marketing. Software development management. Technical operations management. Enterprise architecture. Management consulting.

Technologies: Java, J2EE, Groovy/Grails, Ant,/maven/gradle. Semantic Web, OWL,RDF,SPARQL. XML, SAX, XSLT. Unix (Linux, BSD, SVR4), Windows NT/XP, RDB (Mysql, Oracle, Mariadb, Postgres), Python, Bash. Cloud: AWS, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker

Alex Honor