Colin McNamara
Managing Partner, Engineer & Finance
Always Cool Brands

With over 25 years of professional experience, my journey has been anything but linear. I've pivoted my focus roughly every 2-4 years, collecting an arsenal of tools and perspectives that arm me to tackle complex business challenges head-on. From building global cloud networks for tech giants like Oracle to serving as a firefighter in the USMC, each chapter of my life has ingrained me with unique skills and a holistic view of systems—whether they're data centers or supply chains.

In my role at Always Cool Brands, I've melded my expertise in technology with a deep commitment to sustainability and consumer welfare. Here, I have revolutionized private labeling and supply chain engineering by applying cutting-edge tools like LLMs and LangChain. These advances not only streamline supplier sourcing but also enhance the transparency and quality of FDA-regulated products. This work epitomizes my belief in leveraging technology to create socially and environmentally responsible solutions.

Operational excellence is another cornerstone of my professional approach. At Oracle, I led a Network Reliability Engineering team, a specialized SRE unit, to a remarkable 58% YoY reduction in customer outage minutes. This was achieved by harmoniously integrating Google's SRE model, DevOps principles, Marine Corps leadership, and proven engineering practices into a cohesive strategy for success.
My leadership style is deeply influenced by my time in the Marine Corps. The concept of 'servant leadership' underpins every team I lead, every project I undertake, and every challenge I confront. This philosophy is further enriched by a perpetual beginner's mindset, which helps me stay agile and receptive to change, thus facilitating my regular shifts in technological focus.

In my free time, the balance I seek is found in kiteboarding around the globe, tending to my thriving garden, and immersing myself in the vibrant food and music scenes in Austin. These activities not only refresh me but also offer a tangible connection to the sustainability and community values I advocate for professionally. -

Colin McNamara