• API Security in the cloud age
  • Build an application that communicates securely
  • Protect your application from supply chain attacks
  • The best way to manage your APIs in the cloud

Application security is under the microscope as data breaches brought on by insecure apps increasingly dominate the headlines. And API security is drawing more attention as a potential threat vector, as application and infrastructure environments grow in scale and complexity. The need to understand and defend against threats to applications and APIs is crucial.

Join us as we explore in-depth the rapidly evolving application and API landscape and offer concrete ways organizations can protect against threats to their application code, APIs and related components.

The advent of cloud-native, container-based architecture and microservices-based applications running on platforms like Kubernetes has sharpened the focus on API security and the software supply chain - from both security teams and cyberattackers.

Software supply chains and APIs have become the new attack surfaces of choice, and with everyone from the White House to entry-level developers talking SBOMs, open source security and APIs, this is an area that’s getting lots of attention.