AppSecOps Platform: Build Vs Buy
Date & Time
Thursday, May 19, 2022, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

For an AppSec program to be successful, it needs to be operationalized. This means the solution provides the necessary visibility, collaboration and productivity with tangible results. The question then becomes whether to build or buy. Is it worth building and maintaining your own AppSecOps platform? Or is a prebuilt vendor solution more cost-effective?

In this panel discussion you will learn: 

  • The importance of an AppSecOps platform for scaling your AppSec program
  • Critical capabilities needed in an AppSecOps platform
  • Tradeoffs between build versus buy and how to make the right choice for your organization
Kunal Bhattacharya - American Family Insurance Company
Sitaraman Lakshminarayanan - Guardant Health
Pavi Ramamurthy - Upstart
Kunal Bhattacharya Sitaraman Lakshminarayanan Pavi Ramamurthy
Session Type
Panel Session