Responding to Zero-Day Attacks and Exploits
Date & Time
Thursday, May 19, 2022, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

The recent Log4Shell and other Log4j vulnerabilities shook the industry. Security teams and developers around the world have been scrambling to respond as quickly as possible. Despite this response, the impact of these vulnerabilities will be felt for years. Log4j isn’t the first significant zero-day vulnerability, nor will it be the last. An important step for improving your security posture is learning how to prepare for the inevitable, the next black swan event, and ensure your organization is able to respond fast and respond well.

In this panel discussion you will learn:

  • Personal experiences responding to Log4j
  • Challenges and successes across the industry
  • How to prepare for the next zero-day attack
Yashvier Kosaraju - Sendbird
Teja Myneedu - Splunk
Rohit Parchuri - Yext
Yashvier Kosaraju Teja Myneedu Rohit Parchuri
Session Type
Panel Session