Keynote - Balance in Your DevOps Journey: At What Price?
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

In a software development world full of platform engineering, site reliability engineering (SRE), AI-assisted development, low-code/no-code solutions and, most of all, securing the software supply chain and improving the quality of the software we produce, maintaining a balanced DevOps strategy is more difficult than ever. If DevSecOps is the new DevOps, how much emphasis should we put on security? If platform engineering is the next evolution of DevOps, how can we develop a platform that standardizes our approach without recreating the same constraints DevOps promised to save us from? And how much can we really put on developers' plates before it cracks? Of course, balance is the answer - but how can we get there? Achieving balance on your DevOps journey does not have to involve Jedi mind tricks, mental (or physical) gymnastics or hours of meditation on the meaning of life. Join us as some of the leading voices in the DevOps world explore what we need to truly achieve balance on our DevOps journey.

Alan Shimel Kohsuke (KK) Kawaguchi Elizabeth Lawler Derek Holt Anuj Kapur Ashley Kramer Shlomi Ben Haim