Breakout Session
Public Sector
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM (EST)
The Engine Inside Successful Software Factories

What is a software factory and why does the government care? A software factory is an organized collection of software assets, tools and processes that expedite the production and delivery of software solutions. A good software factory requires automation to connect the processes, tools and people into high-functioning pipelines to deliver software that is always deployment worthy. A common term for this approach is DevSecOps. We have seen several best practices emerge regarding software delivery and achieving increased quality, security and speed of DevSecOps at scale. In this Breakout Session, Bryan Guinn of CloudBees will look at five key strategies driven by a software factory:

  1. GitOps - Configuration as Code (CasC)
  2. Supply Chain Security
  3. Automating the Release Process
  4. Metrics and Value Stream Management (VSM)
  5. Hybrid Cloud/IT Modernization/Digital Transformation
Bryan Guinn