Breakout Session
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)
The Compliance Tax and How It Is Slowing Innovation

The primary purpose of any software-driven organization is to go faster. Yet Security and Compliance efforts, while vitally important, don't add competitive value to an organization, hinder innovation and slow down software delivery. This is the tax that must be paid and "Shift-Left" approaches only add to that tax. In this Breakout Session, Tim Johnson of CloudBees will present a model for calculating the Security and Compliance Tax, using that as justification to change the organizational approach to security and compliance in a DevOps world.

Key Takeaways for Senior DevOps, Security and Compliance Leaders:

  • Why "Shift-Left" is a DevOps anti-pattern
  • How to estimate the true costs of DevSecOps and Compliance work
  • How to use this tax as the basis for effective change
Tim Johnson