Breakout Session
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)
Balancing Productivity, Velocity, Cost and Governance in a Scaling Dev/DevOps Organization

"I need a standardized environment-as-a-service solution!" said no one ever. At the team level, the CI is working; there aren't any infrastructure-related fires — until there are! On average, application environments change every 10-20 deployments. And you're always hearing, "The architecture can't support X business need?"

In this Lightning Talk, David Williams of Quali discusses and demos the following: real-world pains related to an unstructured approach to application infra; finding the balance that satisfies both DevOps to support Devs' velocity and infra needs; enabling DevOps predictability to application infra cost, governance, and forward plans, not sacrificing collaboration.

David Williams