Lightning Talk
1:07 PM - 1:22 PM (CET)
Embracing the True Service Ownership Model

In this Lightning Talk, Pavan Kadiyala of JPMorgan Chase will discuss the need for a true DevOps culture where the team developing the product is also responsible for customer service, filling the gap between users and developers. Pavan looks at JPMorgan Engineering Tool’s (JET) transformation from dedicated production management teams to a “True Service Ownership model”. This includes the challenges JET faced during this journey and its success over the time. Dedicated Production management teams to support user issues created a clear line between development of the product and service of the product, developers were not always aware of end to user work flows, this created a gap in developing customer centric products. The end result in terms of value addition like self-healing solutions/ zero toil engineering / solid observability framework/ modernizing the app-infra.

Pavan Kadiyala KP Katta