Breakout Session
1:37 PM - 2:07 PM (CET)
ADSOME MAGIC to Efficiently Create the Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap

In this breakout session, Mark Sternberger and associates Rami Aboushakra and Nicholas Whiting provide an overview of the Agile-DevSecOps Maturity Enablement (ADSOME) product. The ADSOME Framework generates the Arch-Assurance Roadmap for Explainable Automation Intelligence (XAI) to drive business, IT, and GRC (operations governance, risk management, and compliance). This "Roadmap" serves as a GRC Dashboard to drive the digital transformation journey in achieving 2x year-over-year productivity gains due to a strategic program's onboard capabilities with policy-based lean flow control and collaboration throughout the entire product lifecycle. The ADSOME Framework templatizes principles, patterns, processes, and practices to evaluate and enable "right-fit" prioritization of people, products, platforms, and perspectives. This assures outcome-based objectives are quantifiable, visible, governed, and compliant.

Mark Sternberger Rami Aboushakra Nick Whiting