Breakout Session
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM (CET)
Effectively Using DORA and SPACE Frameworks to Improve Value Stream Management and Delivery

DORA and SPACE metrics are two emerging frameworks to realize value stream management and delivery. In this breakout session, Sumit Agarwal, VP of DevOps at Broadridge, and Nishant Doshi, CEO of Propelo, will provide an overview of both frameworks. They will also discuss how to use these metrics effectively to measure the health of your digital transformation journey. Using Broadridge's DevOps Transformation journey as an exemplar, they will share best practices and a step-by-step approach to leveraging metrics within the organization. The session will cover topics such as "what is the best starting point," "what are the cultural implications of measurement and how to manage them," "how data can help measure and improve developer happiness & productivity," and "how to build a roadmap for engineering excellence through the use of data-led metrics and these frameworks."

Nishant Doshi Sumit Agarwal