Breakout Session
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM (CET)
Keep DevOps Local (And in CI!) With Dagger and Jenkins

High-performing teams know that a tight local dev loop coupled with a robust, automated CI/CD process makes the best quality software in the shortest time possible. Pipelines that run the same locally as in CI give developers fast feedback while keeping CI free from time-wasting premature pushes full of errors, typos, and misconfigurations. To achieve this dev/CI parity, the whole dev team (frontend, backend, etc) and the DevOps/platform teams all need a common "API" or platform so they're not stuck writing yet another hard-to-maintain artisanal script to make things work. The benefits go beyond local/CI harmony to collaboration, standardization, and reuse across the whole organization. Getting to this shared platform is HARD since we all have different languages, tools, and workflows and re-platforming everything is expensive and often fails. We propose an “incremental revolution” that meets teams where they are, allowing them to start small and grow a shared platform over time. In this demo-heavy talk, we’ll discuss the challenges facing teams seeking dev/CI parity (and a shared platform), and show how Dagger can help make it a reality.

Rebecca Dittmar Jeremy Adams