Lunch and Book Signing - Giving Away 200 Copies of Reinventing Cybersecurity!
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

The book is "Reinventing Cybersecurity" which is available in paperback on Amazon and as a free PDF download on the JupiterOne website. It is a compendium of essays on transforming craft and career by 19 women and non-binary cybersecurity and DevSecOps practitioners. The book has been covered in DarkReading and other industry publications. The authors of the book are listed in alphabetical order below: 

  • Alison Gianotto - Creator of Snipe-IT
  • Amy Devers - Chief of Staff, Executive Director, People Operations at JupiterOne
  • Angela Marafino - Customer Product Manager at Microsoft
  • Aubrey Stearn - CTO
  • Breanne Boland - Product Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carla Sun - Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carlota Sage - vCISO at Fractional CISO
  • Coleen Shane - Senior Network Security Engineer
  • Jasmine Henry - Field Security Director at JupiterOne
  • Joyous Huggins - Founder of Defender Academy
  • Latha Maripuri - CISO at Uber
  • Lisa Hall - CISO at Color
  • Lonye Ford - CEO at ARLO Solutions
  • Dr. Meg Layton - Security Architecture and Engineering at Children's National Hospital
  • Rachel Harpley - Talent Advisor - InfoSec, IT Security and Cybersecurity
  • Rin Oliver - Software Engineer at US Bank
  • Tracy Bannon - Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps Advisor at MITRE
  • Yvie Djieya - Cybersecurity Assurance and Risk Analyst at JupiterOne