Shannon Lietz
Technology and Security Industry Veteran
It's the 5:05 the Podcast and Startup Founder

Shannon Lietz is a 30+ year award-winning technology and security industry veteran. She is currently a member of It's 5:05 the Podcast and a startup founder.

Previously, she was the vice president of product and software security at Adobe, driving the security of Adobe's products and software ecosystem. Ms. Lietz has held numerous roles throughout her career with a focus on offensive security, application security, cloud security, DevSecOps and threat intelligence. In her recent role, Ms. Lietz operated a 24x7 DevSecOps team that specialized in adversary management at Intuit.

Shannon has worked for and consulted with many of the Fortune 500. Her work has been instrumental in changing how companies implement software security and has brought critical focus to security metrics. She holds 40+ cloud security patents, is a startup advisor, community whisperer, a member of the RSA Program Committee, Glynn 100 and dedicates time to mentoring and coaching. Ms. Lietz is an IANS faculty member and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Mount St. Mary’s College.

Shannon Lietz