Integrating SAP into DevOps pipelines: An Introduction to Why and How
9:45 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)

Although most big companies around the world rely on SAP to keep at least some part of their business moving, DevOps professionals working on other software might not have spent much time thinking about why SAP could matter to them. But SAP systems act as the backbone of an increasingly interconnected technology stack. Other applications depend on them, so SAP needs to adapt at high speed if a business is going to be truly agile. Join this session with Basis Technologies, the pioneers of DevOps for SAP, for an introduction to why DevOps teams should care about SAP applications. We’ll talk about why SAP systems may need to change as fast as the software you’re working on and what you need to know about how SAP is different, so that you can successfully integrate it into your existing DevOps pipelines. Join us for a high-level introduction to: 
• Why DevOps teams should care about SAP 
• Key SAP differences DevOps teams need to understand 
• How to get started with DevOps for SAP and successfully integrate SAP into wider DevOps pipelines

Peter Yabsley