5 Tips for navigating API security noise
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)

APIs are the data fabric connecting modern applications. While they are powerful tools for Dev and DevOps, they also have become a new attack surface for bad actors to gain access to sensitive data. Many existing API security solutions today are so inflexible and rule-driven that they risk slowing down the development process. Lebin Cheng, Imperva’s head of API security, will help you navigate through the API security noise with insights on:
• Maintaining Dev and Sec speed with DevSecOps • How automated SecOps can speed up Dev and DevOps
• The right DevSecOps approach to implement API security
• Firsthand insight into how a digital-first organization took the first steps towards DevSecOps API security, and how you can too
• Other DevSecOps best practices.

Lebin Cheng