Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility – A Phased Approach to Cross-Platform DevOps Success
12:30 PM - 12:45 PM (EDT)

Enterprises must quickly and decisively transform their mainframe practices. The slow, inflexible methods of the past are intolerable impediments to success in today’s innovation-centric digital markets. No company can afford to delay mainframe transformation. But how and where to begin? And how can you mature your approach? This session outlines a proven, 10-step phased approach for measurably modernizing mainframe practices. By following this approach, IT leaders can ensure their systems are competitive in the app-centric economy where mainframes must be as adaptive as any other platform.

You’ll learn: 
• How to modernize your mainframe development processes 
• How to empower developers at all skill and experience levels to deliver high-quality code 
• How to escape waterfall methods and deploy truly agile, DevOps-enabling source code management

Atul Bhovan