Simplify, Speed and Scale Application Delivery with Torque
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM (EDT)

Solving the resource bottleneck is typically approached from an infrastructure perspective: The infrastructure comes first, after which there is the individual scripting of all resources required to develop and build your applications—data, virtual infrastructure, network, etc. This raises governance, security and visibility issues, where businesses cannot adequately determine the value of their cloud spend by application.
Torque takes a different approach: It’s an application-first process that simplifies the pipeline, requiring just a single step to complete deployment of the environments you need when you need them. The value benefits are compelling: Improved pipeline stability, increased development velocity and lower cloud costs.
In this session, experts demonstrate the power and convenience of Torque, highlighting its robust toolkit that includes both native infrastructure automation alongside support for Terraform, as well as its pre-built plugins for most major CI/CD tools. They also take you through Torque’s blueprint functionality; this is the heart of Torque’s automation capabilities which simplifies and streamlines your DevOps processes, delivers self-service, controls cost and ensures security and compliance.


Alex Irizarry