Building Data Analytics Platforms in Minutes Using Deployment Blueprints
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM (EDT)

To stay competitive, enterprise organizations must optimize and scale the delivery of their products and services. Data has become a critical component of solutions aimed at achieving these goals. Managing increasing data volumes and complexity requires deploying data platforms and providing a range of data management and analytics services. Kubernetes is becoming the preferred cloud deployment option for data analytics platforms. This session provides an overview of deployment blueprints, which provide a single-click Kubernetes deployment experience that allows developers to build a complete data analytics platform in minutes. Blueprints provide a DevOps automation manifest for a data platform deployment lifecycle, including design and test validation.

What will be covered in the session:
1. Background and overview of data analytics platforms.
2. Challenges with data platform deployments on cloud-native infrastructure.
3. Overview of deployment blueprints and their applicability to data platform deployments.
4. Explanation of how blueprints support and benefit DevOps deployment automation.
5. Discussion of a data platform deployment example using blueprint deployment automation.

Key take-aways:
· Data analytics platforms are becoming an integral part of enterprise application architectures.
· Building distributed data platforms and managing underlying cloud infrastructure introduce new deployment complexities.
· Blueprints, together with automation, are key solution components to address data platform deployment complexities.

Geeta Kulkarni Harmen VanderLinde