DevOps Won’t Be DevOps Anymore
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

In many ways, DevOps has radically changed our views on creating software with speed and reliability. What we often fail to appreciate is how radically DevOps has redefined and changed disciplines within software organizations. Recently, Techstrong Research conducted a study that examined how testing has fundamentally changed within a DevOps environment. Led by Techstrong Research’s Judith Hurwitz, Dan Kirsch and Mitch Ashley, we uncover why testing is more than an afterthought, why it is no longer a bottleneck and why it requires much more than just a test automation strategy. In this talk, Mitch Ashley examines how DevOps, cloud-native, infrastructure-as-software, shift left and complex interdependencies have all led to elevating software testing to a strategic level. This research provides insights into how DevOps is changing along with software disciplines like testing now and into the future. Download the free report “The Role of Testing in a DevOps Environment” at

Mitch Ashley