Full Name
Viktor Farcic
Job Title
Developer Advocate
Speaker Bio
Viktor Farcic is a developer advocate at Upbound, a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains groups and a published author. His big passions are DevOps, containers, kubernetes, microservices, continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD) and test-driven development (TDD). He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences. He published The DevOps Toolkit series (https://www.devopstoolkitseries.com/), DevOps Paradox (https://amzn.to/2myrYYA) and Test-Driven Java Development (http://www.amazon.com/Test-Driven-Java-Development-Viktor-Farcic-ebook/dp/B00YSIM3SC) as well as courses in Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/user/viktor-farcic/). His random thoughts and tutorials can be found on his blog TechnologyConversations.com. He is the host of the DevOps Toolkit (https://youtube.com/c/devopstoolkit) YouTube channel and a co-host of the DevOps Paradox (https://www.devopsparadox.com/) podcast. @**vfarcic** linkedin.com/in/viktorfarcic/ upbound.io (company)
Viktor Farcic