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Bob Reselman
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Software Development | Technology Writer on Software Architecture, Development, Tools, Open Source | Author
Techstrong Research
Speaker Bio
Bob Reselman is a nationally known software developer, system architect, industry analyst and technical writer/journalist. During the course of his 30-year career, Bob has worked for companies such as Gateway, Capgemini, The Los Angeles Weekly, Edmunds.com and the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, to name a few. He has held roles including but not limited to platform architect (consumer) at Gateway, principal consultant with Capgemini and CTO at the international trade finance company ItFex. Bob is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and development frameworks. His current focus is on microservices application development and microservices-oriented application architecture. He is a champion of the sensibilities and practices found in Agile and test-driven development. He is also an expert on the theory and implementation of commercial technical documentation processes at the enterprise level. Bob has taught at several colleges and is a sought-after speaker at conferences. He writes and speaks with the voice of experience and expertise. He has written four books on computer programming and hundreds of articles about topics related to software development technologies and techniques as well as the culture of software development. He is presently working on a book about the impact of automation on human employment. Bob holds a BA from Bard College and an M.Ed. in cognitive psychology from Tufts University.
Bob Reselman