How to Overcome Enterprise Disconnect with Value Stream and Flow Metrics?
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

As we enter the thirteenth year of the term "DevOps," it is now mainstream in most organizations. It makes it into strategy and board meetings, CIO presentations, press releases and success parties.

As most organizations scratch the surface, there is a lot to take on when it comes to any transformation initiatives. Primarily focusing on speed and stability, organizations have realized that hundreds of deployments do not matter, but instead, the value to the customer matters.

In this presentation, BMK will share the state of most enterprises, reflecting on the pressure on IT to deliver value faster. However, the rest of the organization's operations and processes are still slow, including funding the initiatives, architecture, governance, etc.

Value Stream helps to overcome this enterprise disconnect. Once we realize what is accelerating or decelerating the value delivery, we can fuel the acceleration and remove or limit the dependencies slowing us down.

This session is to persuade our business and technology folks to work together on value delivery and help organizations to reduce the transaction costs and increase the operating margin.

We need a greater alignment within technology before we ask for businesses to align.


  1. Funding Initiatives and Budgeting Processes: Holding tech units responsible for plans overrun and under delivered
  2. Architecture and Design: Silos and having big meetings, and time-consuming to endorse architecture papers via the forum
  3. Risk Assessments: Spreadsheet-driven risk assessments, and our engineers fill out Excel spreadsheets answering questions around risk controls
  4. Lack of More Comprehensive Work Visibility, Planning and Prioritization in Technology: No one knows how much work is happening in enterprise technology
  5. Governance: The processes and document templates are overloaded and overengineered
  6. Technology Delivery Squads are Expected to Go Faster: Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud and SRE are all focused on the delivery squads. We do not have a system view from end-to-end and appreciate the flow.

Before we seek support and empathy from the business side of the organization, we as a technology unit need to do better.

BMK Lakshminarayanan