The End of DevSecOps
Date & Time
Thursday, April 22, 2021, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
DJ Schleen

If you find yourself with a DevSecOps team and a DevOps team, you've done something wrong. DevOps is about breaking down silos and focusing on improving the quality of our the products we develop for our customers and the cadence in which they receive them. Security is simply an attribute of quality of these practices but instead a new silo called DevSecOps was created.

This session will focus on creating a consolidated DevOps program that integrates security for vulnerability detection, policy enforcement, and configuration quality. Learn how to foster an engineering first approach to secure software development and how to implement an abstraction of technical concepts for business stakeholders and Governance, Risk, and Compliance functions. Speak "engineer" to your engineers, and speak "security" to your security analysts.

It's not about shifting left anymore - its about shifting out. This is a call to action to simplify and reduce complexity as we transform traditional Healthcare application development into lean manufacturing pipelines..This is the end of DevSecOps.

Session Type
Spotlight Session