2022 Agenda

Location Track Type Name Speakers Description
8:00 AM - 8:50 AM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live BroadcastBuild the Future you Want - Red Hat Summit Watch Party

Enterprises are at a crossroads, and the approach they take in selecting technologies and an ecosystem of partners has never been more critical. During his keynote, Red Hat CTO Chris Wright will present his technological vision for modern enterprises, and ask attendees to reimagine what they believe is possible at their organizations so that they can build the future they want. He will do this by sharing his vision of a distributed system that blends the physical and virtual worlds, and creates richer insights so that enterprises can be smarter, sustainable, and more secure. Wright will also describe Red Hat’s collaborative efforts in open source communities and with its partners, and how those ultimately find their way into the real-world IT environments of Red Hat’s customers. The end result? Enterprises who can think bigger than their competition and move faster than ever before to quickly adapt to both disruptions and opportunities.

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (CDT)
Outside of Exhibit Hall B Registration Open 
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (CDT)
Exhibit Hall BNetworkingExpo Hall Open 
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live Broadcast10 Ways to Automate and Secure Your Organization with Teams and SharePoint

Microsoft Teams is gaining momentum as one of the fastest growing automation and collaboration tool for organization. Teams can be used to accelerate and streamline organization processes and goals with IT controlled security. In this session, I will give you 10 ways organizations can accelerate business processes with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint: 

  1. Overview of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Integration and Security
  2. Overview of Teams capabilities
  3. 10 Ways and ideas on how to streamline business processes
Room 2Data Analytics and AIAI Products Changing the WorldIn this session, we will discuss unique AI products that are changing the world. Industries include: Law Enforcement, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Sports & Entertainment. The speakers and moderator are entrepreneurs who have designed and built products in this space for global markets
Junior Ballroom DInnoTechGoing Beyond “Lift and Shift” - Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

As companies increasingly migrate to the cloud, they are looking for more than simple cost savings. What was once the main reason for cloud migrations – moving away from heavy Capex investments in hardware and infrastructure, toward more predictable and flexible Opex, is only the beginning. In order to take full advantage of the cloud and benefit from all that it offers, and glean competitive advantages including real innovation and enhanced speed to market, organizations need to truly go beyond just “lift and shift.” However, they may not know how to get there, and determine a roadmap, tech stack, best practices, methodologies, etc. In this presentation, we will address the different approaches of cloud migration, and describe how organizations can migrate to the cloud in a way that not only minimizes their costs but as importantly achieves new capabilities and other benefits. This presentation will address the business drivers and expectations that are now leading the way for cloud migrations, as well as how and why to formulate different cloud strategies such as rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring. Other topics will be covered such as whether or not to migrate or decompose monolithic applications, and how to choose from a variety of cloud tools, technologies and platforms.

Room 3Data Analytics and AIHow to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Data Analytics

Underneath each company’s surface-level data lies a treasure trove of useful information, and with the right approach you can move past the obvious information and dive into where the true competitive advantage—and profit—lies. Come hear Jim Rushton, and other industry experts, discuss how you can use data analytics to achieve the competitive advantage you’ve been missing.

Room 1IT LeadershipThe Future of Security: It's Not All Doom and Gloom

This panel discussion will bring together security and technology leaders to discuss the following: What proactive, preventative measures will truly enhance an organization's security posture -- and what's over-hyped? We've all heard that ""people, process and technologies"" are the key to success, but what does that actually mean? How do you bring major awareness to a company in all three of these areas? Before an actual attacker tries to breach the company, what tactics should you use? What can you do to stay secure if you are strapped for money, talent and guidance?

Room 4SecurityThe New World Order: Crypto, Disinformation and War

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended our vision of the world order.  In this session, we will discuss how the current state of the world forces us to look at technology, information and our everyday lives through a new lens, as what we thought was clear isn’t so clear anymore.

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom AWomen in Tech SummitThe Power of Saying Yes: How Saying Yes and Embracing Opportunities Can Unlock Your Power

Women have been conditioned to believe that they must be experts with the skillsets and experiences needed before taking on new roles and challenges. Learn how swimming outside your lane, practicing opportunity readiness, and surrounding yourself with people you trust as coaches and challengers can help you to unlock your power and transform the workplace to be a place that people, especially women, can lead and thrive.

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM (CDT)
Exhibit Hall BNetworkingExhibits, Demos, and Coffee Break (Sponsored by Harness) 
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom AWomen in Tech SummitEnabling the Tech Talent Pipeline

This discussion will focus on the entry point for women into technology jobs and careers. The steps leading up to the actual job involve the public sector through educating women and policies that incentivize women pursuing STEM careers, and finally, the private sector hiring women.

10:30 AM - 11:20 AM (CDT)
Room 1IT LeadershipExecuting a Real-Time Data Management Strategy - An Executive View

Real-time and streaming data is a key strategic focus area for data and business leaders in 2022 and beyond. This executive panel will share insights and lessons learned from an enterprise perspective. The focus will be on aligning data strategy for business outcomes. Attendees will gain a business and data leadership view of achieving business transformation through data management, data governance, data culture, data literacy and data quality. Join us in this interactive discussion for driving market leadership with data.

Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live BroadcastFuture of Data Engineering: Challenges & Roadmap

- Version control to 3rd party APIs

- Biggest Data Eng challenges

- How Data Engineering is different at Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix

- 5 Great Tools for your Data Engineering 

- Creating Data Engineering Culture - Best Practices

Junior Ballroom DInnoTechManaging and Motivating Teams in a Hybrid Environment

The pandemic ushered in a period of constant change for all managers — pivoting to a remote or hybrid workplace, meeting by Zoom and dealing with the personal challenges employees faced working with kids and pets in the mix. Becoming an expert at managing and motivating from afar became a required skillset. For IT leaders, however, the stress has been multiplied as they addressed the raging talent war, staff raiders, candidate fraud and more. Our panel of IT Executives will share their experiences and the solutions they have found for managing hybrid teams in the post-pandemic world.

Room 4SecurityThe Good, The Bad, The Hacked

The way you handle a cyber-attack is critical to your business’s recovery. In this presentation, Donovan Farrow will teach you the proper ways to react in the event of a cyber-attack. As an incident responder, he's worked countless incident response engagements. Hear firsthand stories about businesses that had a good incident response plan, businesses that had a bad incident response plan execution, and businesses that responded so poorly they couldn’t recover. Learn about the good, the bad, and the hacked.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CDT)
Room 3SecurityStopping Attacks, Not Your Business: AI and Autonomous Response

With cyber-attackers continuously searching for new ways to outpace security teams, it can lead to a struggle to fight back without disrupting business operations. Join Darktrace in this session where we explore the benefits of Autonomous Response as a must-have that goes beyond ‘defence’. Includes real-world threat finds and attack scenarios.

  • Explore today’s threats and challenges
  • How advances in AI have been leveraged to allow for very surgical actions to be taken autonomously – where humans can no longer react fast enough.
10:30 AM - 11:20 PM (CDT)
Room 2Data Analytics and AIOut of the Crisis - What Would Deming Do?

In 1982 Dr. Edwards Deming published a book called "Out of the Crisis." dealing with his frustration leading up from the prior decade. He was 82 years old; he wasn't writing this as a get-rich management consulting book. Dr. Deming wrote it as a stark warning for everyone, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and education alike. Fast forward forty years, and imagine what he would say today if he were alive today. Take, for example, the Knight Capital story, a configuration mistake in a High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm that purchased an errant 150 different stocks in 45 minutes, at a total cost of around $7 billion. In this presentation, we will look at the Knight Capital incident through some fundamental DevOps principles with the lens of Dr. Demings System of Profound Knowledge. 

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
Exhibit Hall A, First Floor (Enter through Exhibit Hall B)LuncheonPreparing For the Next Global Event, How to Weaponize Cloud Computing Today Capitalize on a Quickly Changing World

It’s no secret that during the global pandemic some companies did very well, and some companies not so much. Even enterprises in the same market space, and relatively the same size.   Why did some succeed during adversity, and others fail? For most it was the ability to weaponize technology to provide flexibility for both their workforce and their customers in how they deal with the company, as well as its products and services. Also, it was the ability to see the bigger picture, and invest in technology when everyone else was laying off workers, removing some products from inventory, and just preparing for failure. So, it’s apparent that not only the brave and the visionary won, but those that leverage technologies such as cloud computing as a true force multiplier for their business. Adding the ability to scale, work around global disruptions such as COVID, and provide a business where volatility to be turned into business opportunities. Would you like to understand how? In this presentation David Linthicum will take you through the process of rethinking how your enterprise operates, and how to turn cloud computing into an indispensable weapon that will double revenue in a few short years, and turning worldwide disruptions into opportunities for revenue and job growth that most did not see coming.

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom AWomen in Tech SummitWhat Happened on the Way to the C-Suite and What’s Next

This panel of trailblazers provides fascinating insight into the dynamic world of women succeeding in the world of technology, the paths they followed, the obstacles they overcame, the advice they wish they’d had as they followed to bring their dreams to reality.

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM (CDT)
Room 4SecurityDissecting Threat Intel for Practical Threat Hunting

Threat hunting isn’t based on flashy technology that will become irrelevant in a few months. It’s a return to one of the basic tenets of information security: reviewing your IT environment for signs of malicious activity and operational deficiencies. With hunting, you can answer the question, “Am I under attack?” With more infrastructure moving to the cloud, how do we leverage these data sources to contextualize and extend threat hunting efforts?

Room 2Data Analytics and AIEnabling Business with a Modernized Real-Time Data Strategy

This discussion will share a data journey to execute the right technology stack for "real-time" decisioning, machine learning and AI. A modernized real-time data architecture that is flexible and adaptable will be shared. Attendees will learn to recognize critical business friction points in data ecosystems. This presentation is recommended for technical, business and analytics leaders looking to improve the time to insight for business transformation.

Room 3SecurityExperience-First Networking

Maximize user and IT experiences with secure client-to-cloud automation, insight, and AI-driven action.  In today’s world, experience is the first and most important requirement for networking in the cloud era. Ensuring your networks aren’t just up and available but are also providing the best user and operator experiences.  This requires a relentless focus on experience, from when customers first engage to how they deploy and manage solutions on a day-to-day basis.  By making applications and data the network’s priority, you are enabled to build agile networks, leverage CI/CS and DevOps approaches and lead the digital transformation.  Join our breakout and see for yourself the benefits of an experience-first network!

Junior Ballroom DInnoTechHacking Your Brain for Better Cybersecurity!

The first step in your journey towards becoming secure is believing that you can be successful. Many of us are conditioned to believe we need to be cynical in order to be secure. In George's award-winning book, Well Aware, he demonstrates that the opposite is true...we can hack our own brain's "habit loop" to make being more secure easy. George will provide a roadmap on how to use the science behind habits that can help make security possible for anyone. Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify their own top internal and external cybersecurity strengths
  • Understand how habits play a role in helping us become more secure
Room 1IT LeadershipHow CIOs Can Lead Employee Experience with SaaS Intelligence

Research states in the near future, most organizations using multiple SaaS applications will centralize management and usage with an SMP tool. CxOs and CIOs will need a smarter approach & better visibility into the organizations app portfolios to make transformational decisions that benefit all departments, inside and outside the IT group. This panel of Executives will discuss these important issues:

  • Gain visibility into all of your SaaS apps – including apps owned by all business units
  • Understand the barriers to engagement and how to create an environment which results in productivity and innovation for teams & employees
  • Maximize your IT resources, automate manually-intensive processes and proactively manage SaaS budgets
Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live BroadcastThe Misconceptions of Crypto and NFTs…How They Affect Our Daily Lives

Cryptocurrency and NFT’s have become the #1 buzz terms recently, exploding in mass adoption and innovation. However, a flurry of confusion and mystery still surrounds the community and applications of this type of technology. Learn from one of the first subject matter experts of NFTs, Nick Juntilla and leading metaverse evangelist, Nancy Coblenz about:

  • Today’s State of Crypto and NFTs: transitioning from novelty to utility
  • Understanding the Crypto & NFT Communities and why they matter
  • Protecting your Crypto & NFTs
  • The future of the Metaverse: Crypto and NFTs…not what you think
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom AWomen in Tech SummitThe Evolution of AI

The potential of Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is intriguing, and you may be wondering just how far AI technology has evolved. The participants of the Evolution of AI panel will share their expertise on how AI is changing the face of business. You will learn how AI is used to automate essential business functions such as bookkeeping and invoicing, and to solve complex and intractable business problems. You will also be fascinated by how AI-powered virtual agents deliver conversational experiences over voice, chat, and text to streamline customer service. Finally, ethics and privacy concerns surrounding AI will be addressed.

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM (CDT)
Room 3SecurityDefending the Metaverse

The buzz around the emerging Web 3.0 space is causing corporations to dive head first into the industry, but is it safe? With so many moving parts, how do you identify security risks? This presentation describes the underlying technologies that support Web3 economies while overviewing its cyber security landscape. There will also be broken down examples of recent exploits like the OpenSea hack, and compromised Discord servers.

Junior Ballroom DInnoTechMaximizing your Microsoft Security Licensing

In this session we will talk about maximizing the capabilities and features of your Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 licensing. We will talk about unknown capabilities that come with these licenses as well as newly added features.

Room 2Data Analytics and AIOrganizing For the Future of Application Development

This session will focus on how application development is changing given democratization and automation. Topics covered: the impact of low code and citizen development, how DevOps must be part of your future to attract the right talent, how to balance packaged versus custom in an API-driven world, how cloud changes everything.

Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live BroadcastPeeling the Onion: Making Sense of the Layers of API Security

APIs are everywhere. Any business with a mobile app, modern web apps (SPAs), using the cloud, doing a digital transformation, integrating with business partners, running microservices or using kubernetes has APIs. There's a good foundation of AppSec knowledge out there - thanks in part to OWASP but API Security isn't exactly the same as AppSec. Additional complexity is part of the landscape with multiple competing API technologies like REST, gRPC and GraphQL plus stakeholders spread across multiple parts of the business. How do you make sense of the API Security landscape? This talk will cover the three fundamental areas to consider, the various chess pieces and the many ways those pieces can be put on your API chessboard. The goal is for you to leave knowing how to map out your API Security landscape and reach a state of solid API Security.

Room 4Data Analytics and AIRobotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI: 10 Case Studies

RPA and AI continues to change the world. In this session, we present 10 case studies. These examples are across different industries, functional areas and technologies. The ideas will be presented by a panel of experts who have implemented RPA and AI in complex business and technology environments.  There will be references to using UiPath for RPA implementations.

Room 1IT LeadershipYour Digital Journey – How to Bring Value to the External Customer

As a technology leader, you are now responsible for both internal and external customers. As business process has drastically transformed over the past two years, what do your external customers expect now? What level of digital needs are expected compared to your internal customer base how do you get there?

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM (CDT)
Exhibit Hall BNetworkingHappy 45-Minute Reception 
Exhibit Hall BNetworkingHappy 45-Minute Reception, Sponsored by Red Hat 
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom AWomen in Tech SummitAgile Leadership

Just over twenty years ago, a group of software leaders wrote and published the four values and twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto. Over the last two decades, the concept of agility has been extended beyond software development to all forms of product development. Frameworks and tools have evolved to offer a variety of support for organizations that wish to adopt agile. As agile has grown in popularity, research suggests that transition to agile ways of working is more likely to be successful when the entire organization is aligned and adopts agile principles. Agile leadership is emerging as modern leadership. Our panel will explore how leadership is evolving to support agile, providing real world stories of success and learning.

3:30 PM - 4:20 PM (CDT)
Junior Ballroom DInnoTechDon’t Miss Having a Seat at the CX Table, The Next Big Thing Your CEO Cares About!

Join Frank Rogers as he unpacks the CX glass ceiling for IT professionals and how to bust clean through with science. Frank will break down the 7 layers of CX that every IT professional should know when engaging with your CMO and CEO. (special offer for attendees)

Room 1IT LeadershipOpen Source and DevOps

Open source software is everywhere. Many organizations are using open source tools to build and operate their products, and even more have open source components included inside of the products and services they deliver. But, how do organizations know which components are in use, and what value they are getting?
Join us as we discuss:

  • The opportunities and benefits of using open source
  • Specific challenges for enterprise adoption
  • How DevOps helps mitigate risks and overcome challenges
Junior Ballroom CTechstrong TV Live BroadcastTesting in Production with Continuous Delivery & Feature Flags

Testing in production used to be a joke. In fact, it was a popular "Most interesting man in the world" meme. But as life imitates art, this meme became reality. It turns out the best tests to learn from are the ones that match production. So when looking for feature flag solutions, developers and software delivery teams find themselves looking for ways to test their code and deployments in prod! In this talk we will dip our toes into the world of feature flags. We'll begin with an overview of what they are, how to think about them, and why both engineers and business users find feature flags valuable. In addition, you’ll learn how to get started with continuous delivery, and the key things to look out for once you "Do it live!".

Room 4SecurityTop 5 Drone Myths and Misconceptions

There’s a lot of hype about drones, but what is real and what is just marketing hype? A top industry expert will shed light on the technology, regulatory landscape, logistical barriers, and opportunities with this new innovative technology.