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Join us for our InnoTech Dallas Live Broadcast featuring live sessions, live commentary from our hosts, and bonus content – hosted by Techstrong TV. Please note, InnoTech in-person registration is not required to view these complimentary sessions on Techstrong TV. They will be livestreamed here on May 11 during central time.



Name Speakers Description
8:00 AM - 8:50 AM
Build the Future you Want - Red Hat Summit Watch Party

Enterprises are at a crossroads, and the approach they take in selecting technologies and an ecosystem of partners has never been more critical. During his keynote, Red Hat CTO Chris Wright will present his technological vision for modern enterprises, and ask attendees to reimagine what they believe is possible at their organizations so that they can build the future they want. He will do this by sharing his vision of a distributed system that blends the physical and virtual worlds, and creates richer insights so that enterprises can be smarter, sustainable, and more secure. Wright will also describe Red Hat’s collaborative efforts in open source communities and with its partners, and how those ultimately find their way into the real-world IT environments of Red Hat’s customers. The end result? Enterprises who can think bigger than their competition and move faster than ever before to quickly adapt to both disruptions and opportunities.

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
10 Ways to Automate and Secure Your Organization with Teams and SharePoint

Microsoft Teams is gaining momentum as one of the fastest growing automation and collaboration tool for organization. Teams can be used to accelerate and streamline organization processes and goals with IT controlled security. In this session, I will give you 10 ways organizations can accelerate business processes with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint: 

  1. Overview of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Integration and Security
  2. Overview of Teams capabilities
  3. 10 Ways and ideas on how to streamline business processes
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Future of Data Engineering: Challenges & Roadmap

- Version control to 3rd party APIs

- Biggest Data Eng challenges

- How Data Engineering is different at Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix

- 5 Great Tools for your Data Engineering 

- Creating Data Engineering Culture - Best Practices

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Preparing For the Next Global Event, How to Weaponize Cloud Computing Today Capitalize on a Quickly Changing World

It’s no secret that during the global pandemic some companies did very well, and some companies not so much. Even enterprises in the same market space, and relatively the same size.   Why did some succeed during adversity, and others fail? For most it was the ability to weaponize technology to provide flexibility for both their workforce and their customers in how they deal with the company, as well as its products and services. Also, it was the ability to see the bigger picture, and invest in technology when everyone else was laying off workers, removing some products from inventory, and just preparing for failure. So, it’s apparent that not only the brave and the visionary won, but those that leverage technologies such as cloud computing as a true force multiplier for their business. Adding the ability to scale, work around global disruptions such as COVID, and provide a business where volatility to be turned into business opportunities. Would you like to understand how? In this presentation David Linthicum will take you through the process of rethinking how your enterprise operates, and how to turn cloud computing into an indispensable weapon that will double revenue in a few short years, and turning worldwide disruptions into opportunities for revenue and job growth that most did not see coming.

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
The Misconceptions of Crypto and NFTs…How They Affect Our Daily Lives

Cryptocurrency and NFT’s have become the #1 buzz terms recently, exploding in mass adoption and innovation. However, a flurry of confusion and mystery still surrounds the community and applications of this type of technology. Learn from one of the first subject matter experts of NFTs, Nick Juntilla and leading metaverse evangelist, Nancy Coblenz about:

  • Today’s State of Crypto and NFTs: transitioning from novelty to utility
  • Understanding the Crypto & NFT Communities and why they matter
  • Protecting your Crypto & NFTs
  • The future of the Metaverse: Crypto and NFTs…not what you think
2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Peeling the Onion: Making Sense of the Layers of API Security

APIs are everywhere. Any business with a mobile app, modern web apps (SPAs), using the cloud, doing a digital transformation, integrating with business partners, running microservices or using kubernetes has APIs. There's a good foundation of AppSec knowledge out there - thanks in part to OWASP but API Security isn't exactly the same as AppSec. Additional complexity is part of the landscape with multiple competing API technologies like REST, gRPC and GraphQL plus stakeholders spread across multiple parts of the business. How do you make sense of the API Security landscape? This talk will cover the three fundamental areas to consider, the various chess pieces and the many ways those pieces can be put on your API chessboard. The goal is for you to leave knowing how to map out your API Security landscape and reach a state of solid API Security.

3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
Testing in Production with Continuous Delivery & Feature Flags

Testing in production used to be a joke. In fact, it was a popular "Most interesting man in the world" meme. But as life imitates art, this meme became reality. It turns out the best tests to learn from are the ones that match production. So when looking for feature flag solutions, developers and software delivery teams find themselves looking for ways to test their code and deployments in prod! In this talk we will dip our toes into the world of feature flags. We'll begin with an overview of what they are, how to think about them, and why both engineers and business users find feature flags valuable. In addition, you’ll learn how to get started with continuous delivery, and the key things to look out for once you "Do it live!".


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