Full Name
Nick Juntilla
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
Nick has been at the forefront of technology as a software engineer for 20+ years innovating for the premier corporations in Los Angeles. Nick has designed and built eCommerce platforms, social network sites, eBook publishing, art installations, and accounting software for companies like Sony Interactive, Disney Store, Beachbody, Ubiquity, Trailer Park Pub., and Chromeriver Inc.. Since 2012 he's been working with blockchain technology starting with Bitcoin and moving on to Ethereum in 2017 where he helped write some of the first NFT source code and founded one of the first NFT companies Receiptchain, which later became Ownerfy.com. He's currently helped people create hundreds of thousands of NFTs all around the world and helped launch several NFT collections with world famous artists and established brands. He is a subject matter expert for NFT best practices and applications.
Nick Juntilla