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Dr. Clinton Purtell
New College at Frisco
Speaker Bio
Dr. Clinton Purtell is a full-time faculty member based in Frisco, TX, with duties that include supporting the strategic growth of UNT at Frisco – New College. In addition to teaching and research, his role includes University advancement by developing external relationships for UNT at Frisco with local, regional businesses and global industry partners. Dr. Purtell is also the Associate Director of the Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research at the University of North Texas. Dr. Purtell’s research interests lie in entrepreneurship, particularly corporate entrepreneurship and early stage venture strategy, as well as start-up supply chain strategies. As an aviation enthusiast he consults and conducts research in urban air mobility, air taxis, unmanned air systems, and traditional airline aerospace. He has extensive career and industry experience in aerospace, including fleet transactions, strategic sourcing, MRO, supply chain management, and corporate development. Dr. Purtell has also held leadership and Director-level roles in a number of Fortune 500 and Euro 50 firms across a number of other industries including consumer goods, medical devices, restaurants and manufacturing. He has been a successful entrepreneur as well as a franchise owner in North Texas. He received his PhD in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University, an MBA from Belmont University, and a Bachelor of Finance from Oklahoma City University. He also received the honorable designation of Executive Scholar from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business in Management Science. Dr. Purtell was a Graduate Fellow of the American Indian Graduate Center, a Graduate Scholar of the National Center for National Center for American Indian Economic Development. He is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and is a member of The PhD Project.
Dr. Clinton Purtell