Full Name
Vince Pierce
Job Title
Level 1
Speaker Bio
Senior executive with 30 years of progressive leadership, applying excellence and innovation to achieve and sustain strategic results and transformational outcomes. Vince has successfully led strategy and transformation for three companies on two continents over the last 10 years as a member of the executive team. Prior to his senior executive roles in industry, he was an MD at Accenture and previously a Lean Six Sigma and ISO 9001 leader in manufacturing.

Vince is currently CEO of Level 1; a business transformation challenger consulting firm helping leaders and teams deliver mission-critical strategies and by de-risking and accelerating execution.

Industry Experience
•Banking and Financial Services –Service and Risk driven digital business transformation
•Managed Services/SaaS –Rapid Growth driven business transformation
•Retail –Cash Flow and Profit driven enterprise-wide business transformation
•Manufacturing –Quality, Lead Time, and Cost driven business transformation

Business Transformation Experience
•Transformation strategydevelopment & deployment
•Sales and operations performance transformation
•Organization and performance management design, development & transformation
•Large-scale systems integration –design, build, & run
•Customer journey and business value stream transformation
•Digital business transformation, digital product development, and start-up/venture teams
•Lean Business System & Process Management Systems transformation
Vince Pierce