Wednesday, January 19, 2022
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)
2022 Predict: Career Paths in Cybersecurity

With all the news in cybersecurity these days, we’re starting to notice that the next generation of technologists is taking a closer look at various paths to a career in technology. In this session, Jasmine Henry and Mark Miller will explore seven specialized security paths as defined by the InfoSec Wheel:

  • Yellow Team: The Builders, software coders and architects
  • Red Team: The Breakers, offensive security
  • Blue Team: The Defenders, defensive security
  • Green Team: Enhance security automation with design and code
  • Orange Team: Facilitate interaction and education
  • Purple Team: Integrating defensive tactics with offensive results
  • White Team: Analysts, Compliance, Logistics, Management

The discussion will focus on the InfoSec Wheel created by Louis Cremen and April Wright. Each section of the wheel will be described and then we’ll determine what type of person would choose a career path for each segment of the wheel and how each specialty will evolve with industry trends. By attending this session, you’ll have a clear understanding of the main paths in a cybersecurity career, along with links to resources to help define that path.