Thursday, January 20, 2022
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM (EST)
How MLOps Helped AI Rise

AI is now part of mainstream operations and is deployed in businesses all around the world. One key for its rise is the implementation of MLOps, which is the next generation of DevOps. At the conceptual level, MLOps is to AI as the cloud is for DevOps.

In this session, Drishti founder Prasad Akella will answer three key questions technology leaders need to know with the emergence of these technologies:

  • What does a practical AI system look like?
  • How does a company’s AI operations need to function?
  • What skills are needed for teams to become proficient in MLOps?

Purpose of session: To inform technology leaders of the current state of AI, to expound on how companies can achieve success with AI, to detail at the granular level how companies will need to develop their operations to accommodate AI and explain how to build a team around skills with these technologies.

What they will cover: Why MLOps is going to become as big as AI, provide attendees with exposure to a company that has live AI systems, clarify model management, annotation, retraining, continuous improvement, privacy at the aggregate data level, how to use data, the necessary quantitative skills to tune AI and how to build a team around such skills.

2 big takeaways: MLOps is big. It’s live now.