Thursday, January 20, 2022
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
The DevOps Platform Arrives

In this session I will dive into the current state of DevOps tool chains, how companies are evolving to streamline their DevOps lifecycle, and why the future will see an increase in DevOps platform adoption.

This session aims to educate viewers about the benefits of the DevOps Platform and warn them about the issues created by DIY tool chains. In 2022 we’ll see many enterprises who find themselves at various phases of the DevOps lifecycle. I believe we’ll see a number of companies moving their teams towards platforms — either through DIY or through adoption of a complete DevOps Platform mindset. As we see movement to the platform approach, the fifth phase of the DevOps Platform will come about, which will include increased adoption of cloud technologies for other parts of the development lifecycle such as developer’s own environments. Overall, the DevOps Platform allows greater control and visibility into the entire chain of events that combine together to produce and deploy software into production environments. As security continues to be a challenge, this makes the platform approach even more critical for teams considering how to better secure their environments and products.

  • Issues created from DIY tool chains
  • How the DevOps Platform came about and what exactly it is
  • What’s next for the DevOps Platform