Erkang Zheng
CEO and Founder
Erkang Zheng is the founder and CEO of JupiterOne, a fast-growing cybersecurity startup building cloud-native asset management and security governance platform. Within the past twelve months, JupiterOne has tripled its active customer base, raised nearly $50M in funding from top investment firms increasing its valuation, and quadrupled in team size.

Erkang is a strong supporter of making security a basic right that all companies should have, at a cost they can afford, and in a way that allows them to build a security program the right way over time. He is an engineer by training, an entrepreneur at heart, passionate about combining innovation and execution to deliver practical solutions that address challenges at their root cause. Under his leadership, JupiterOne helps customers proactively manage the security and compliance of their cyber assets.

Prior to JupiterOne, Erkang served as the CISO of LifeOmic, a cloud precision health software company. In 2015, he was the Head of Software Security at Fidelity Investments’ largest business unit – Personal Investing. While at Fidelity, Erkang built and managed the software security practice – a critical part of Fidelity’s enterprise digital transformation and cloud adoption journey.

Erkang’s experience prior to joining Fidelity includes seven years with IBM serving as a security practitioner and global practices leader in penetration testing, emergency response, PCI and ISO security assessment, and enterprise security operations centers. He also led the go-to-market strategy and product management for IBM Security Services.

Erkang earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science degree in computer science from North Carolina State University. He holds five patents, and more than a dozen industry certifications. He is a regular speaker at major security conferences including RSA, BSides, DevSecCon, IBM Insight, and many podcasts.

Erkang lives with his family in North Carolina, where he enjoys deep-sea fishing, skiing, and fast cars.
Erkang Zheng