Keynote - The SOC In The NOC
Date & Time
Thursday, November 9, 2023, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

SecOps, what does it mean for you? Many people in the cyber world are just getting their head and hands around DevSecOps. Now it seems we are further messing with the status quo by focusing in on SecOps. Others say it was always about the move to SecOps anyway. Combining security with operations may in fact be one of the most natural transformations we have undertaken. So much of our “traditional” cybersecurity was rooted in network and then cloud operations. But SecOps is more than network security moves to the NOC. SecOps incorporates a greater portion of the security lifecycle. AppSec is essential to SecOps. As such AppSec is essential to the NOC team. SecOps represents not only the merging of security with operations, but a tighter integration within security. The successful NOC must incorporate the SOC. Security must access and manage information from multiple sources and groups, establish cross-functional workflows and delve deeper into cloud infrastructure and app security. Observability platforms, SOAR for automation, SOCs combined with IT operations for cloud security and services monitoring and identity and access controls across cloud providers and on-premises data centers--these are just a few of the change’s security teams must embrace as we move toward SecOps. Our panel examines the impact of SecOps on security and operations organizations and how this is changing security work in the enterprise. Join us as we dive into how security is transforming to SecOps with a look into the future to understand better where we are going.

Alan Shimel Ori Bendet Caroline Wong Larry Maccherone Tracy Bannon