AI Integration Without Upheaval
Date & Time
Thursday, April 25, 2024, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Why should someone attend?

It’s easy to feel like we need to reinvent the wheel within our organizations to keep up in an era where AI feels like a tidal wave poised to revolutionize every corner of the tech landscape. But what if the key to embracing AI isn’t a sweeping overhaul but the foundations we already have? This session invites you to a journey that demystifies integrating AI into your organization without turning your operational world upside down.

Whether you're steering the ship as a CEO, crafting code as a developer, or architecting solutions, this session speaks your language. It's designed for a broad audience - from the guardians of governance and management mavens to the visionaries of the C-suite, Digital CxO leaders, and IT all-rounders.

We'll explore why embracing AI doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your current operation strategies. Instead, we'll dive into how the pillars of good data governance—think data provenance, pedigree, and the classic duo of authentication and authorization—are surprisingly your best allies in welcoming AI into your realm.

Expect to walk away with insights that empower you to harness AI’s potential without the fear of needing a massive operational makeover. This session promises to be an enlightening exploration of how the basics you’re already familiar with are the secret sauce to thriving in the AI era. Join us for a candid, jargon-free conversation on making AI work for you, not against you. Let’s navigate these new horizons together, leveraging what we know to unlock what’s next.

What will we cover? We will strip back the complexities and get down to the essentials of integrating AI into your organization.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Unlocking the First Principles - We start by exploring the bedrock of information access management within your organization. It's all about ensuring the correct keys are in the right hands.
  2. Demystifying Data Provenance and Pedigree - Ever wonder about your data's backstory? We'll define and unwrap these concepts, showing you how to trace your data's lineage like a seasoned genealogist.
  3. The Zero Trust Expedition—We’ll decode the concept of zero trust by exploring NIST 800-207. No, it's not about skepticism; it's about assuming nothing and verifying everything, especially in AI.
  4. Navigating the AI Landscape—Learn how to apply the Data Plane, Control Plane, and Policy Enforcement Point to your AI systems. Think of this as setting up the ultimate navigation system for your AI journey.
  5. Bridging the Old and New - Discover how to marry existing information management principles with the zero-trust model in your AI systems. It’s like renewing your vows but with your data security strategy.
  6. The Art of AI Security - We’ll explore applying field-based authentication and zero-trust to AI Models, vector databases, and more. Let’s explore ways to make our AI as safe as Fort Knox.
  7. Introducing the Neural Gatekeeper - Imagine a guard wielding the power of authentication, authorization, and knowledge mapping at the entry of your AI systems. We'll unveil a new concept that allows you to ask critical questions about data use and access within your AI systems.

Three Takeaways

Foundation First: Unlocking Access Management and Data Heritage: Begin the adventure by mastering the essentials. We'll delve into how managing access to information sets the stage for AI integration and unfolds the stories behind your data—its provenance and pedigree. It's about ensuring a secure and informed start, having the right keys, and knowing your data’s ancestry.

Navigating AI with Zero Trust and Existing Principles: Journey through zero trust, as defined by NIST 800-207, and see how this principle transforms your approach to AI security. We’ll apply the Data Plane, Control Plane, and Policy Enforcement Point, showing you how to blend these ideas with information management principles. This segment paves the way for a secure, zero-trust AI environment and promises a harmonious marriage between innovative and time-tested concepts.

The Art of AI Security with the Neural Gatekeeper: Meet the Neural Gatekeeper architecture, an evolving concept that combines practices such as field-based authentication, vector databases, and knowledge mapping, all within a zero-trust architecture. This session will empower you to answer critical questions about your AI system's data usage and access using existing authentication and authorization approaches. Imagine this as the master key to ensuring the data in your AI is available for the right eyes to see while tracing its lineage and authority with precision.

Bill Bensing