BMK Lakshminarayanan
Transformation Architect

BMK is a highly accomplished IT professional with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years. His extensive experience encompasses Software Development and training, Solution Architecture and design, and strategic consulting. Passionate about innovation and perpetual improvement, BMK has established himself as a sought-after advisor for senior IT leadership teams, including executives.

Fueled by strategic technical acumen and leadership prowess, BMK has cultivated enduring relationships, consistently achieving goals while forging collaborations with stakeholders across the spectrum. His global network of thought leaders, influencers, authors, and practitioners underscores his status as a highly respected professional.

BMK's forward-thinking approach, technical mastery, and keen foresight set him apart as an industry trailblazer. His ability to align with vendors and partners complements his proficiency in driving innovation. Widely recognized within the speaker circuit, BMK has graced platforms like DevOps Enterprise Summit, AllDayDevOps, DevOpsWorld, CloudNative Now, and Global SKILUp Days, captivating audiences with his insightful presentations.

Beyond his professional pursuits, BMK is a dedicated mentor and advocate for community engagement. His contributions extend beyond New Zealand as he serves as a CNCF, DevOps Institute, and Continuous Delivery Ambassador. He also takes on the role of a board advisor for the Value Stream Consortium, Team Topologies Advocate, demonstrating his commitment to shaping industry standards."


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BMK Lakshminarayanan