Mikaela Pisani
Head of Machine Learning
Mikaela Pisani is a computer engineer with a Master's in Data Science. She is currently the chief data scientist and head of machine learning at Rootstrap. This award-winning custom software development agency has built web and mobile apps for startups, publicly traded companies and public figures.

She also runs Girls In Tech Uruguay, a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women and girls in tech, as well as educating children on STEAM. Mikaela is a member of a community of girls in AI called AI Wonder Girls and is also on the AI Research team at ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In addition, Mikaela plays a key role as part of the interdisciplinary group ANT. ANT aims to create artistic devices by integrating its three core disciplines - Art, Neuroscience and Technology. She also is part of Fibras, a community that supports projects using technology as a platform to generate social Impact.

For all her contributions in STEM, she won the Globant Award ¨Women That Build¨ and was selected as a finalist in Women In Tech awards under the category ¨Global AI Inclusion¨.

She’s also been featured in several publications, most recently with LifeWire, BBC news and MKAI, regarding AI. She has spoken at some conferences and events, including Women in Tech Global Conference, ValleyML, and Airflow Summit.
Mikaela Pisani