Reuven Cohen
University of Toronto / Rotman School of Business

rUv played a pivotal role in the 2023 deployment of EY’s enterprise AI stack, used by more than 400,000 employees, 1.5 million end users and a $1.4B budget. His contributions extended to designing the architecture, reasoning/logic, and RAG subsystems, defined development of the technology stack, API/data fabric, and the global scaling strategy.

He is a seasoned technology expert with a career spanning over three decades, marked by a profound impact on the industry's most groundbreaking innovations.

From the early days of the internet, he was instrumental in shaping digital experiences as an alpha/beta tester for trailblazing companies such as Napster, AOL, and Sierra Online. His astute insights and guidance have been invaluable in the rapidly evolving online space.

Reuven foresight and expertise also extended to the area of cloud computing. He founded Enomaly Inc., a pioneering cloud computing company, and coined the term "infrastructure as a service" in 2005, a full year before Amazon's launch of EC2. As an inaugural member of the Amazon Web Services advisory board, his influence in the field is undeniable.

In artificial intelligence and web3, he served as an alpha/beta tester for OpenAI, contributing to advancements in AI programming and engineering and designed one of the largest enterprise systems at EY with a more than 1 billion budget and 400,000 users.

Reuven's impressive track record includes advising governments and international organizations, with notable engagements such as the US Federal CIO Council. In 2009, he co-authored the first US Cloud Definition with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), providing a foundation for cloud policy and implementation. His influence in the field was further solidified when he co-founded CloudCamp in 2008. This global grassroots initiative grew to hundreds of cities and introduced over 100,000 people to cloud computing, cementing his reputation as a trusted consultant and thought leader.

Despite his extensive accomplishments, Reuven remains approachable and relatable, sharing his wisdom through various channels. As the host of the Fungibility Podcast, he demystifies complex topics and makes cutting-edge developments accessible to a wide audience.

His exceptional career is a testament to his passion for technology and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. With his extensive experience and collaborative spirit, he continues to be an indispensable ally for industry giants, governments, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Reuven Cohen