AI Transformation: Shaping the Future of Computing
Thursday, June 13, 2024
11:20 AM - 11:50 AM (EDT)

In the opening keynote for the Modern Work Track, HP’s president of Personal Systems, Alex Cho, will discuss the transformative role of AI in enterprise computing. This year's Six Five Summit, themed "AI Unleashed," aligns perfectly with Cho's vision of a future where AI is not just an emerging technology but a fundamental driver of innovation and success.

Cho will share HP's journey in capitalizing on AI today by delivering solutions for companies to drive productivity, solutions that enable us to reimagine places and spaces for hybrid work and solutions that empower people to be more productive than ever before.

From HP’s comprehensive workstation solutions for AI development, to HP’s industry leading portfolio of AI PCs that empower employees to thrive in work and life, Cho's message is clear: The time to embrace AI is now, and the opportunities it presents for enterprise success are limitless.

Alex Cho