Anil Nanduri
Vice president, Head of Intel AI Acceleration Office -- General manager, Data Center AI Category, Intel Sales and Marketing
Intel Corp

Anil Nanduri serves as the vice president and head of the Intel AI Acceleration Office, focusing on advancing the company's artificial intelligence initiatives by supporting the CEO in fostering a cohesive, company-wide focus on AI execution and growth. He is also the general manager of the Data Center AI Category within the Sales and Marketing Group, spearheading the expansion and business development for GPUs and accelerators in the fast-growing markets of AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC).

With over 25 years at Intel, Nanduri has held various leadership roles in chip design, product development, product management, and market strategy across numerous strategic growth initiatives. He was part of the leadership team in the establishment of Intel's graphics business. Prior to this, he successfully led Intel's drone division, creating a profitable enterprise from the ground up, which included the development of large-scale drone light show swarms and commercial drone solutions. His efforts were instrumental in bringing the Intel® RealSense™ technology to the marketplace, establishing and expanding the netbook category, and facilitating the widespread adoption of Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology for PCs.

Nanduri, who has served on the NASA Advisory Committee, holds three patents and has earned three Intel Achievement Awards for his contributions.

Anil Nanduri