Pavan Davuluri
CVP, Windows + Devices

Pavan Davuluri’s title is Corporate Vice President, Windows + Devices at Microsoft, but at his core he is an empathetic leader who believes that technology and innovation can empower and equalize. He leads the vision and strategy for Microsoft’s Windows + Devices division, which includes the delivery of Windows 11, the development and design of Windows 365, the development, design, supply chain, and manufacturing of Microsoft hardware, including Microsoft Surface and Mixed Reality devices, as well as the creation of EDU products and features.

Under Davuluri’s leadership, product makers, engineers, and designers from across the company come together to create end-to-end experiences that blend hardware and software, fuse cloud and client, and bring AI to life, transforming the way people work, live, create, and learn.

In his 22 years at Microsoft, Davuluri has led numerous end-to-end design and engineering efforts across a variety of device categories. Most recently, Davuluri led the engineering organization responsible for silicon and systems integration in the Windows ecosystem. Prior to that, he was among the 12 original team members driving the creation of the Surface line of premium devices and began his Microsoft journey in the PC Hardware Group.

Outside of work, Davuluri enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. They can usually be found hiking or riding bikes in the Pacific Northwest or volunteering in the local Seattle area arts and theater communities.

Davuluri holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland.

Pavan Davuluri