Developer Experience (DX) is Crucial to any Financial Services Transformation

In past decades, the financial sector was seen as the pinnacle of software innovation. Now, however, myriad firms are constantly disrupting every sector and the rise of FAANG [Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google] has shifted public perception of innovation to high-tech firms. Core to innovation for any firm are software engineers/developers and today the financial services sector is perceived as slow-moving and has poor developer experience compared to other high-tech industries. Considering how huge the impact would be if something breaks in financial markets, safety is always top-of-mind. Improving efficiency and getting the innovation flywheel spinning can all boil down to developer experience. If your internal customers (the developers) are happy, they are better able to make your external customers happy. As competition is fierce for talent and systems continue to grow more complex and distributed, it's critical to ensure that developers are onboarded and can start iterating on their ideas quickly. From tooling to practices, improving developer experience is crucial for the financial services industry to innovate in the future. In this session, you'll learn about: -What developer experience is and how to measure it. -Why developer experience is crucial to success. -Tips for balancing innovation and control in your internal development platform.