DevSecOps - Helping FinTech and FinServ Move Faster Securely

Today, every FinServ and FinTech company needs to deliver secure products at an ever-increasing rate. And in light of recent high-profile breaches, it is evident that we also need to change how we approach security in software development. But achieving these higher levels of security can’t get in the way of software delivery. That’s where DevSecOps comes in. Using a security-first mindset, you can solve the need for rapid software changes that detect and plug security holes as fast as they are found, and continuously deploys innovative defensive solutions to keep bad actors off their guard. At the same time, we need a structure to organize and govern our security implementations. Value stream management (VSM) helps align teams in DevSecOps by creating end-to-end visibility and managing workflows for continuous compliance.\

Join Jeff Keyes, VP of Product Marketing to learn more about how VSM can spearhead your security first initiatives while maintaining compliance using a phased implementation approach. In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Continuous security best practices
  • How to break down DevOps and security silos
  • Why Value Stream Management is critical to DevSecOps
  • How to implement Value Stream Management for continuous security